Take your experience with Divi to the next level


Add hundreds of new settings to Divi

You can easily modify the theme settings to your desire. Precise configuration like choosing the height of your slider, stopping the header from shrinking, or customizing the looks of an specific page can be done without any coding knowledge. More features like these are constantly added to make your experience with Divi far better

Divi Booster is pretty uncomplicated

By just ticking a box, you can adjust the majority of configurations. It's not even mandatory to create a child theme! Just activate the plugin and start working in your project

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It won't slow down your website at all

While it's true that some Wordpress plugins slow your site down, it's because they are poorly written with unoptimized code or designed for an older PHP version. Divi Booster can make your site even snappier by pre-compiling and minimizing the style sheets

One time payment

If you purchase Divi Booster, you don't have to pay for it again if you use it on multiple websites. You can use it on as many Wordpress sites as you want without missing quality support from the developer


Divi Booster will save you a lot of time

It's ideal for people who want to save time and don't have that much experience with Javascript & CSS. If you're a non-technical person, Divi Booster helps you to easily implement a wide range of tricky configurations in your template.

Easily export your settings to reuse them on other websites

If you've configured your site the way you love and want to implement it elsewhere, you can make a backup of your current settings with just a couple of clicks to deploy it later on another website.

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No CSS Knowledge Needed

Divi Booster saves you from having to deal with complicated CSS sheets to get the optimal visual style you are looking for


Free Lifetime Updates

Divi Booster keeps updating to support the latest Wordpress and Divi theme releases. See the changelog here


Build Strong Foundations

Generate long-lasting and efficient changes on your website, that will impact the whole website for the better


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