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Update Version: 3.9.2

Social Auto Poster – an ideal choice for auto posting your content to famous social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, BufferApp, YouTube, Google My Business, Reddit, Telegram, Medium, WordPress and Pinterest. you’ll configure your social accounts and post new content in addition as repost your old content to stay it alive & reach to maximum audience. SAP provides a tremendous feature for scheduling your content to post whenever you desired to. The plugin also works well with personal profiles, business pages, groups, etc.

What are the advantages for purchasing this plugin?
Itโ€™s a time saver โ€“ Automatically shares your Posts/Pages/Custom Post Types to all or any major Social Media Platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, BufferApp, YouTube, Google My Business, Reddit, Telegram, Medium, WordPress and Pinterest).
It improves SEO of your website by having more links back from Social Networks.
It becomes your own Social Media Manager & saves your money.
It is a quickest thanks to generate more traffic for your site.
It is the best thanks to manage, schedule, and share updates to your configured social networks.
It is best solution within the type of Plugin for automated Social Media Marketing..

Posts made by the plugin donโ€™t show image/correct image within the Facebook. Why?
Facebook API 2.9 update came with the deprecation of support for manual setting info of shared links. Facebook set the image automatically supported the open graph (OG) meta tags. For more details check here.

Will it work with my theme?
Yes, our plugins work independently of themes you’re using. As long as your website is running on WordPress, it’ll work.

Who should use Social Auto Poster?
Social Auto Poster could be a great solution for anybody interested to drive more traffic to their website, engage more people and help boost their siteโ€™s visibility. From Marketing Agencies, Social Media Marketers, bloggers, developers, e-commerce websites to all or any other small businesses โ€“ all of them need Social Auto Poster as their Social Media Strategy.

What is required to use Social Auto Poster?
As this can be a plugin built to attach your WordPress website and Social Media, you wish to possess a WordPress website so as for our plugin to figure. you furthermore may must have account for every supported social networks if you donโ€™t have already got one.

Does this support posting to Pages for Facebook?
Yes, This plugin support posting on Facebook pages but you need to should be an admin of that page.

Does this support posting to groups for Facebook?
Yes, This plugin support posting on Facebook groups. you must be an admin of the groups.

Does this support posting to non-public accounts for Facebook?
Apologies, personal profile posting is restriced by the Facebook offecial Graph API so, plugin don’t support personal account postings.

Does this support image posting for Facebook?
Yes, plugin support custom / feature image posting for Facebook but as long as your facebook app version is below 2.9 otherwise facebook will randomly select image from the page.

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= Version 3.9.2 (2020-10-13) =

* [*] Fix: Fixed some warning messages.
* [*] Fix: Fixed an issue of exclude taxonomy not working on Reddit.

๐Ÿ’ก If you need customer support we suggest to purchase a license from the developer